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John Gonzales

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Created 02/17/2007 - 1:37am
Native Son of Houston Texas,
Founder and owner of Rounder Graphics

Picture of John GonzalesRounder Graphics was formed when I was enrolled in Art school. What started as a freelance effort to help supplement the cost of school and to get accustomed to dealing with clients, deadlines and real-world experiences, evolved into the organization it is today.

After graduating from the University of Houston [1] with a B.A. in Fine Arts it became apparent that my present qualifications were somewhat inadequate at best. If you wanted to get a job paying any kind of money you had to have knowledge in the process of production, page layout, design, and typography (something fine art programs don't focus on). So after working extensively in the petrochemical field I decided to have another go. I enrolled in the Art Institute of Houston (too expensive for what you get) and completed a two year program. So I was set right ?, Wrong!, Just as I was graduating the computer was becoming the standard tool in what is now known as desktop publishing (a really stupid term).

So it's back to school for another year to learn the computer. This time I chose the Houston Community College [2] which I found to be a much better program. The computer was something I took to readily, I LOVED IT!. Didn't have a computer at that time, so I lived in the computer lab at HCC (my girlfriend at the time hated it). The concept of creating art on the computer was basically shunned and looked down upon by my counter parts in the fine arts field and was generally considered blasphemous and a notion not worth considering. I am happy to say, I disagree whole heartily.

  John's workstationDuring this period, significant time had been devoted to intern programs working at design studios and finally the Houston Post where I worked part-time and later went full-time upon my graduation. Although newspaper work was not something I really wanted to do, it was a great foundation to get accustomed to working under intense deadline conditions and developing a good understanding of the four color pre-press production process. For that I can be very thankful. All during this time freelance work was being carried out on the side as Rounder Graphics.

After 5 years, I left the Houston Post to to work as a production manager for a marketing firm and finally, after a year and a half, I finally decided to strike out on my own as Rounder Graphics. I admit, leaving a stable job to pursue something with no guarantee didn't sound like the proper thing to do. But I had the support of Sarah (who is now my wife, partner in crime, and a major asset of the company as well as my life) and my family. It's been great, and I've never looked back and hopefully will never have to.

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